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Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Version 8.4.2
Size 106M
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Mod Menu
Support Android 4.1+
Get it on Google Play

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD is the game for you to play as a cannibal shark and fellow. True to the symbol of dominance under the ocean, you will go to eat all animals smaller than yourself to relieve hunger. Ubisoft is a familiar publisher with such a story. Can mention Hungry Dragon, Hungry Shark World in the game, you incarnate into the character Dragon. You have to control not to let the characters collide or get close to the bigger fish because maybe you will become their meal. Under the sea, not only is your shark starving but be mindful of this. You can easily swallow a creature here, but it’s not hard to be someone else’s meal.

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2 Hungry Shark Evolution MOD – Explore the ocean and hunt

Characters equipped with skills to dominate the seabed. Do you want to become a fear of the sea or not? However, first of all, players need to practice at the game screen to do that. From the way you move, identify your prey with caution. While hungry, many times your shark will need a large amount of food. Do not rush to go indefinitely and then end the game in regret. The battle of survival has never been simple but Hungry Shark Evolution MOD will help you quite a lot. Explore the landscape of the sea and become the biggest shark ever.


MOD version Hungry Shark Evolution

V1: Unlimited money. (For players who prefer a simplified version)

V2: Unlimited money combined with Menu MOD many features you can choose from below. Note you need to click on the icon in the right corner in the version Hungry Shark Evolution MOD Menu.

God Mode. (Immortal)High DamageGold Rush.Unlimited Stamina.

Buy more new sharks and upgrade them to the highest limit to master the ocean. Hold in hand control and cannibalism, who is swimming across the water to relieve hunger. With the money you have, the most expensive newly launched sharks are easy to own. Note that the Hungry Shark Evoution MOD full money is only supported on Android, not for iOS or other operating systems.

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD – Explore the ocean and hunt

Hungry Shark Evolution cheats android brings infinite power, the longer you survive, the bigger your size gets. You don’t just focus on finding smaller creatures that turn them into menus during meals. Besides, players need to observe the larger fish around him. Please keep in mind that you are not the controller here when performing tasks.

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Unlock more sharks and other fintastic

Players need to upgrade the main character to be stronger through challenges. Each shark contains its own distinctive features, so choose accordingly. Do not forget to ignore a few outstanding accessories such as Lasers, Jetpacks, and Top Hats, it completely changes your hunting process. In addition, Gold Rush also helps you become super strong, no one can control when you hunt anymore.

Great graphics, sound effects

Not only good gameplay, but Ubisoft also does not forget to ignore factors such as images and sound. You cannot underestimate hack Hungry Shark Evolution because of its outstanding quality. With 3D graphics combined with catchy sound to create unique chases.

Do quests, collect bonuses

If you want to join a higher difficulty level, you can choose any task and perform it. The worthy bonuses are waiting for you, Hungry Shark MOD APK unlimited money and gems will make you play more confidently. Just focus on hunting the creature you want. The dream of sea hegemony will soon come true.


In addition to playing offline without an internet connection, Hungry Shark Evolution also syncs on the Android operating system. You do not need to worry about this, but with the MOD version, we have not tested if this feature still works. Control, attack with the most realistic manipulations. Download Hungry Shark Evolution MODDED apk please conquer the sea with many types of fish rich in the ocean.

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– Explore tropical, volcanic paradise in Mini Level.– Miniboss Seal Mum.– New special events of the week with lots of rewards.