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Standalone old MS Paint program that allows you to get your old XP Paint interface in Windows 7.One of the major user interface changes in Windows 7 is that the addition of ribbon interface to Paint program. The new ribbon interface is really handy to navigate between the options, but many old XP users are missing their favorite old interface. If you are also missing the good old simple user interface of the Paint program, then no need to worry anymore.You can also run the old XP standalone Paint and Windows 7 Paint simultaneously. So, you can now experience Windows XP Paint program in Windows 7 aswell.

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Guest Please note that installing the old version of Microsoft Paint onto a Windows 7 Premium computer is really quite simple to do. All you need is to access an old computer that is still running Windows XP and a USB memory device. Open on the XP machine, click : (which is probably the machine’s hard drive) and then open up the operating system folder. When you’re looking at the operating systems listings select and then open the file folder labeled . In that folder you’ll find the various operating system programs including . The system copy of will probably be accompanied with its familiar icon logo. Then, simply click on that folder so as to copy and otherwise move its contents to the drive port of the USB installed thumb drive. Once you can see that the contents of the XP MSPaint program has been successfully transferred to the thumb drive (by clicking on its icon as a test), you can then easily transfer and install it right on to the Desktop (or any other handy location) in the Windows 7 machine. Yes you can run both the old and new (32-bit) versions of MS Paint in a Windows 7 Premium computer. In such circumstances you’ll find that it very helps that both make use of a much different looking icons. All this geek stuff will probably take you no more than about 5 minutes to do. And best of all this method requires no downloading of possibly malicious coding into your computer from strange sources. Good luck!

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