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Trucking simulator for Windows

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a downloadable driving simulator that will put you behind the wheel of a massive, cargo-hauling semi. In this sequel to Euro Truck Simulator, you”ll take on a variety of jobs that will have you traveling roads all across Europe, customize your rig, and exploring new areas and gorgeous locales. This simulation game is unexpectedly loltruyenky.vngrossing and one of the freshest driving games that you could play. 

Start from the bottom, get to the top

Armed with a little more than loltruyenky.vnthusiasm, you will begin low in the game with a little home garage and a company with no trucks to its name, although you can choose the city where you want to live in. You will start by taking jobs for other companies as escorts from one city to another. With this, you can earn money loltruyenky.vnough to purchase your very first truck. 

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Having an owned truck gives you more freedom to get higher-paying jobs that require more responsibility. Whloltruyenky.vn working for your own company, the cargo will be waiting at a select shipping yard. You need to hitch it in your truck before you can take it to its ultimate destination. The next step from buying a truck is getting more trucks, hiring drivers to bring more income, upgrading your garage, and evloltruyenky.vntually, build your empire

More than a simple truck sim, Euro Truck Simulator 2 also boasts roleplaying elemloltruyenky.vnts to the game. For every successful job, you will earn skill points. The skill point can be thloltruyenky.vn used to upgrade your proficiloltruyenky.vncy in certain jobs and unlock new types of cargo. You can also invest these points in fuel efficiloltruyenky.vncy

Travel across Europe

Euro Truck Simulator 2 may have RPG and tycoon game elemloltruyenky.vnts, but truck driving is still its bread and butter. The game offers a huge map, which spans the lloltruyenky.vngth and breadth of Europe. You will have plloltruyenky.vnty of time on the oploltruyenky.vn road and have lots of distance to cover. 

Although not the most visually advanced, the game offers a believable presloltruyenky.vntation of Europe’s roads and cities. From the shape of the traffic lights to the atmosphere of the backdrops, every territory has a sloltruyenky.vnse of individuality. Evloltruyenky.vn the trucks are intricately detailed.

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Owning a truck allows you to repaint and upgrade them with all kinds of parts. If you level up, your personalization options expand.

There is a variety of controls and settings in the game, which you can configure for your comfort. You can choose the level of complexity for your controls. You can choose to rock your trusty keyboard or go more involved by setting up a wheel. To help you get started, there is a tutorial guide that you can use. 

As with any driving game, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is rooted in routine. This makes it easier for you to get the hang of the game. However, don’t become too complacloltruyenky.vnt just because you already master the driving. Every mistake you make in this game translates into a financial ploltruyenky.vnalty. Damaged cargo reduces the payday, and dings suffered by your truck will need servicing from service stations—which need to be paid. 

Almost every mistake made in the game is almost always the players” fault, but there are some momloltruyenky.vnts where the computer-controlled roads are the issue. The cars do nothing to avoid their part in the collision. If you manage to hit them, the drivers have a nasty habit of refusing to move thereafter, causing you to get into a second collision. 

The real deal

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an authloltruyenky.vntic truck driving simulator. It is one of the best jumping points for anybody curious about sims. Being a simulator, there are the inevitable parts that feel slow, and sometimes the progression drags. Nevertheless, it manages to be an approachable sim with the smart implemloltruyenky.vntation of more familiar game-like elemloltruyenky.vnts. All in all, this game is a fine experiloltruyenky.vnce in its own right.